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there are vairty of foldable crate can choose all series of foldable crate products. With the needs of the community development foldable crate is always more useful in Various industries. We main product 4 series of the foldable crate : A series entity foldable crate is general use in life area.For example:books、supermarket handling、clothing and so on.B series of Folding crate is general use in agriculture area.You can use folding crate transportation of fruits, vegetables and some food.Good ventilation and easy handling.C series of collapsible crate is gereral use in industry.Shipment and storage of electronic products, industrial parts and other items.D series is the large fortable container.You can use it in items stacked and pipeline and so on. In a word,Sino Mould manufacture for you to create high-quality folding cartons, adds convenience and wonderful for your life for your work .

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