Foldable Crate Maxpack-D Series Introduction

Foldable Crate

The Large Foldable Crate Maxpack-D Series of Sino Holding Group is assembled with four side panels of different sizes, a tray-style base, and in order to make it easy for customers to use, a small cover designed on the side door. The whole product has a high technical component.


Features of Large Foldable Crate Maxpack-D Series:

1. One-time injection molding with HDPE material which has strong impact resistance after foaming treatment, strong characters of acid and alkali resistance, leak-proof, impact resistance and high strength.

2. The bottom is a pallet structure, which is designed easily for forklift load and unload.

3. Wide loading capacity, static load 3 Ton, dynamic load 1Ton.

4. There are small covers on the long sides of the box, which is more convenient when loading goods.


Advantages of Large Foldable Crate Maxpack-D Series:

1. Foldable designed, easy to use, save space.

2. The service life of foldable crate Maxpack-D series is even longer than that of the wooden box.

3. Foldable crate Maxpack-D series is much lighter than the same type of wooden box and metal box, and it is integrally formed, so it has higher performance in handling and transportation.

4. Foldable crate Maxpack-D series can be washed with water at any time, with good appearance and environmental protection performance.


If you are interested in that kind of high-performance and super convenient Maxpack-D Series large foldable crate, don't hesitate to contact us now! (Custom color & logo information above MOQ accepted.)