SINO Foldable Crate D Series-Especial for Factory Use

Foldable Container

SINO Foldable Crate D Series is an important storage tool for factories.

In your factory, you must need such a folding crate, D series is your best choice, you can refer to the following reasons:

1. The storage space of SINO Foldable Crate D Series is very large after unfolding. The capacity can reach 610L, 700L, 860L based on different models of D series.

2. SINO Foldable Crate D Series has a beautiful appearance design, and the sundries can be sorted into crates. With this tool, clutters will be replaced by clean and tidy, making the layout of the materials more organized.

3. D Series crates loading similar sundries are able to be stacked in a row in an orderly manner, greatly saving floor space.

4. Unique small window design on the sides of D series crates, easy to access even in stacking state.

5. D series crates with wide applicability for storage materials, suitable for loading card board solid, liquid, powder, paste and other materials.

6. D series crates can be folded when not in use, saving transportation and space costs.

7. The bottom of D series crates are tray structure, which is convenient for flexible handling by forklifts.


SINO Foldable Crate D Series are combined with the advantages of high quality, high precision and high using life. Don’t miss the great helper for your factories, contact us to get yours now!