Foldable Crate F Series - SHG
Foldable Crate F Series - SHG
  • Simple and easy / Good quality
    Complete specifications
  • SHG is the world famous foldable crate innovator and professional foldable crate manufacturer. It owns the most complete various and collapsible container, has more than 120 different sizes and design
    SHG supplies huge quantities of various foldable crates to all over the world, mainly export-oriented, serving over 100 countries. F-series foldable crates are innovated with world logistical standard. They combined the advantages of saving transportation cost, easy installation and easy to handle. SHG F-series foldable crates are widely used in industry, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

    Foldable Crate - SHG
    F Foldable Crate Information
    Product number SHG-604022F
    External dimensions 600*400*220mm
    Inner dimension 570*370*210mm
    Material HDPE
    Weight 1.55kg
    Volume 40L
    Loading weight 25kg
    After folding height 43mm
  • Detail Picture
  • Good plastic material
  • Environmental friendly raw materials /
    Durable / Bright color
  • Foldable Crate Good Material - SHG
  • Easy Transportation
  • Strong load bearing / Stackable / Antiskid /
    Stable / Safe / Wide application
  • Save storage space
  • Around 80% / Decrease storage cost / /
    More recyclable
  • Foldable Crate F Series - Space Saving
  • Fine workmanship
  • Humanization design / Easy to handle /
    Do not hurt workers
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