SHG R&D Department

SHG is a professional folding crate manufacturer in China. Our R&D collapsible crate has the advantages of long service life, high strength and better superposition ability. At first, SHG only came up with an idea to develop a market for folding crates, so we decided to build a special foldable crates R&D team. And we have worked hard to find excellent, experienced engineers to support the production of folding crates. Now we have more than 40 engineers who are special responsible for this foldable crate product design, folding crate mould design, folding crate product testing, and new crate R&D, etc. Our experienced engineers strictly control all the process of the folding crate. We guarantee that every mold size is accurate, and each size with the min. tolerances.

1. SHG folding crate design capability:

SHG is dedicated to the creation and development of foldable crate. With the skillful use of software such as Pro-E, UG, Solidworks and Auto CAD, we were able to design a high accurate folding box mold and manufacture a high quality folding box.

2. SHG foldable crate machining equipment

SHG has invested a lot of money in the production of folding crates. At present, we have 4 stes FIDIA high-speed CNC milling machines, 3 sets Sodick high-precision DEM machine (electric discharge machines), 2 sets high-precision wire cutting machines and 3 stes CNC milling machines. , 3 sets deep hole drills machine and Dakumar high speed machine to manufacture the folding crates.

3. SHG folding container mold quality control system

SHG has a professional QC center to control each step. Our existing equipment such as 3D CMM machine (Coordinate measuring machine), bridge Coordinate measuring machines, portable arm Coordinate measuring machine, etc.

A perfect folding container requires a perfect R&D team. SHG applies this concept to the folding crate production and supports the design and the production of this high quality folding container with our responsibility.

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