Plastic Pallet

Sino Holdings Group, plastic pallet distributor in China, has been offering various types of plastic pallets with high quality and affordable price to various enterprises of different countries and regions.

In daily life and production, we need to move the goods to where they should be. If the goods are large in size or the goods are concentrated, it would be easier for transportation. However, it will waste much time if the goods are too small and loose to be transported once. 

As people's higher requirements for loading and unloading efficiency in production, the plastic pallets become an indispensable tool. A plastic pallet is a cargo platform that transforms static cargo into dynamic cargo and becomes a platform that can carry both cargo and movement. Plastic Pallets have been widely used in the fields of production, transportation and warehousing. They can carry goods as a whole, which saves time and effort.

The plastic pallet not only helps improve the loading and unloading efficiency, but also facilitates the stacking and centralized placement of the goods. It is easier to protect the articles from damage during the transportation of the articles. Now Sino Holdings Group produces and sells pallets: nine-foot flat tray, nine-foot grid tray, double-face flat pallet, double-face grid pallet…Besides, it can be installed with steel bars in nine-foot flat tray and nine-foot grid tray to enhance the carrying capacity and prolong the service life of the pallets.

Plastic Pallets have become the most important handling, storage and transportation equipment in modern logistics operations. That the pallets are used with forklifts will play a huge role in logistics and transportation. Besides, plastic pallets have also played a decisive role in the standardization of goods packaging.

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